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Review: DMX “Exodus”

Andrew Martone | June 2, 2021

Prior to his tragic and untimely passing, DMX was working on a new album for Def Jam. It was slated to be his first major label release in a decade and a half. There was a melancholic excitement when initial reports stated that X completed the album before his passing. […]


Album Review: DJ Khaled’s Khaled Khaled

Andrew Martone | May 7, 2021

Listening to a DJ Khaled album is a trying experience. His latest release Khaled Khaled is no exception. Khaled’s only verbal contributions are almost exclusively one of his key phrases “We The Best Music,” “DJ Khaled,” and “Another One.” They are frequent and they are annoying. Aside from these incessant, […]


Review: Celine Dion shows her ‘Courage’

Andrew Martone | November 15, 2019

Celine Dion’s new album Courage embodies its title before even giving it a listen. With a deluxe edition clocking in at 20 tracks (and a standard at 16), it’s courageous and ambitious for any mainstream artist, especially of Celine’s tenure, to release that much music at once in 2019. But […]