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Mariah Carey, Master of “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak”

For over three decades, Mariah Carey has cranked out record-breaking number-one hits

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“#Beautiful,” Mariah Carey’s Summer Hit That Got Away

With a musical catalog as expansive as Mariah Carey’s, casual listeners will

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VH1 Divas Live: A Life-Changing Show

I was recently at a friend’s house for game night, and upon

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“Miss You Most,” Mariah Carey’s Searing Seasonal Offering

Every year, on the first of November, while children are coming down

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Mariah Carey’s “Christmas Time is In the Air Again” Through the Years

Mariah Carey's honorary title as "Queen of Christmas" is attributed to the

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“When Christmas Comes” Cements Mariah Carey’s Seasonal Crown

They don’t call Mariah Carey the “Queen of Christmas” for any ol’

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Mariah Carey’s “The Star” Shines On

In 2017 Mariah Carey was called upon to write and sing the

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Playlist: 97 Minutes of Christmas, Vol. 5

This Christmas season, the staff of THE 97 will be sharing their

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Mariah Carey and the Tale of the “Oh Santa” Twins

Merry Christmas II You In 2010, Mariah Carey was pregnant with her

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All of Mariah Carey’s Original Christmas Songs, Ranked.

It's no secret that several staff writers here at THE 97 are members

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