Review: “i hate love (feat. Steve Martin)” by Kelly Clarkson

Vincent Anthony
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“Opposites attract” is an old cliché, but it’s true… contradictions and contrasts are what make life more interesting. On Kelly Clarkson’s latest instant-grat track, that adage holds true thanks to her unexpected collaboration with Steve Martin and the oxymoron of its title: “i hate love.” The seemingly odd pairing works out: Clarkson handles the comedy, delivering several sarcastic, bitingly bitter lyrics, even name-checking featured artist Martin (an accomplished musician who has surprisingly won more GRAMMYs than Clarkson) who provides the track’s musical centerpiece. Martin happily plucks on his banjo atop thumping bass and pop synths while Clarkson sweetly expresses her hate for love. Out of all the singles and teasers Clarkson has released from “chemistry,” due June 23rd, “i hate love” is the freshest and most interesting. Clarkson’s unorthodox idea to include Martin on the banjo elevates what would’ve been a great but otherwise uninventive broken-hearted-pop song. With her endearingly unbothered-yet-broken vocals, sarcastic-yet-sad lyrics, and genre-straddling musical choices, Clarkson manages to deliver a track that successfully embodies the paradox of its title. You won’t hate that you love it.’

Stream “i hate love,” watch the live performance video, or preorder the album, chemistry,” on vinyl.

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