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A Declaration of Independence: Mariah Carey’s “Fourth of July”

Vincent Anthony | July 4, 2018

In 1997, Mariah Carey released her magnum opus, Butterfly, amidst marital and professional turmoil. She not only wanted out of her stifling marriage, but the constricting box she had been stuffed in musically, as well. With few fucks given, she dropped the “Honey” single and music video – igniting controversy about her […]

1997FeaturedFor the NostalgiaIn Depth

Mariah Carey’s ‘Butterfly’ is Music’s Most Underrated Album

Vincent Anthony | September 16, 2017

September 16, 1997. In September 1997, Mariah Carey released Butterfly, her self-described favorite and best album. Among her adoring fans, the #Lambily, it is widely considered the fan-favorite and best album as well, though some do differ in opinion. Still, Butterfly remains a sorely underrated classic in the grander scheme […]

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18 lyrics from Mariah Carey’s ‘Butterfly’ that’ll put you in your feelings

Vincent Anthony | September 16, 2015

Mariah Carey’s Butterfly is one of the most honest, emotionally introspective albums ever released. Aside from the Prince cover “The Beautiful Ones,” all the lyrics were penned, as usual, by Ms. Carey herself. In honor of it’s 18th Anniversary, I’ve collected a list of the 18 most emotionally charged lyrics from […]