For The Nostalgia: “Up Jumps Da Boogie” by Timbaland & Magoo

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Back in the early 90s Timbaland wasn’t quite exactly the well known heavy hitting producer turned artist he is known as today.  Back in the 90s Timbaland the artist first gained major success as one half of the Hip-Hop duo Timbaland and Magoo.

As an established artist, Aaliyah lent her vocals to help sing the chorus of their debut single “Up Jumps Da Boogie,” alongside a feature from fellow frequent collaborator and crew member Missy Elliott.  Released as the first single from their album Welcome to Our World, in July of 1997, it managed to peak at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 58 on the year end chart.

“Boogie” was released at the perfect time, just after Timbaland and Missy Elliott’s production success with Aaliyah’s sophomore album One In A Million was building her as a premiere R&B act; and likely marked the beginning of the superstar career which translated to success for Tim and Mag.  Certainly setting the tone for Hip-Hop and R&B music of the time, their entire crew received success during that era of music.  Timbaland and Magoo, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine and to a lesser extent, success for Playa and Nicole Wray as well.  For Timbaland this success wasn’t ending anytime soon either.  In the mid 00’s he achieved another whirlwind of success with popular crossover acts Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado to name a few.  While on the other hand Magoo hasn’t really remained active within popular music outside of the Timbaland and Magoo success which seemed to become a pastime memory post releasing their throwback infused single “Cop That Shit,” released in 2003.

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