Year: 2016

Happy B’Day: Celebrating Beyoncé’s sophomore album

9/4/06: B'DAY. When she dropped her sophomore album, Beyoncé still had a

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15 Years Later, Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama Still Reigns

Mary J. Blige's Declaration In 2001, Mary J. Blige was publicly riding

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Review: ‘Glory’ by Britney Spears, a glorious return

Britney Spears doesn’t like the idea of her making a comeback. She

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Our First Adventures with Mimi… 10 years ago!

10 years ago, Mariah Carey embarked on an arena tour to support

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Album Review: “The Definition of…” Fantasia

For the past few years when Fantasia has been in the process

Mario M. Mario M.

Single Review: JoJo says “Fuck Apologies.” on new single with Wiz Khalifa

“Leave (Get Out)” teen sensation JoJo is back, with edgy new music!

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Single Review: Britney Spears Makes an Eazy Hit with “Make Me”

Forget 2015’s “Pretty Girls” ever happened. On paper, a Britney Spears/Iggy Azalea

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Spotlight: “Pray You Catch Me (The 1997 Mix)” by AlanMichael

So, back in April, two days after Lemonade dropped, I wrote a tweet comparing the

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