Single Review: JoJo says “Fuck Apologies.” on new single with Wiz Khalifa

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“Leave (Get Out)” teen sensation JoJo is back, with edgy new music!

Now 25 and grown, JoJo is still fed up and ready to tell her ex leave-get out on “Fuck Apologies.” The new single has more of an Urban flavor than her early on released 2000s Teen-Pop music, and takes hardcore fans back to tunes like 2010’s “In The Dark.”

Wiz Khalifa stops by to re-introduce JoJo and spit a verse featuring shout-outs to text lingo (TMI) and even ride sharing service Uber. Alongside an unapologetic JoJo who boasts, “I’m not perfect/I got pride/That’s not what it is this time/So fuck apologies/I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it,” on the self-assured kiss-off.

“Fuck Apologies.” is a bold new route for JoJo’s upcoming serially delayed third album, Mad Love, due to be released from her new record deal with Atlantic Records on October 14. Sure the radio edit may be retitled “F Apologies” or “No Apologies,” but will it allow her to compete with her current Pop R&B peers like Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez? Or, does she really want to?

Time will tell if JoJo’s fans will accept her apologies, or if it will just end up being too little too late!

JoJo is currently on tour with Fifth Harmony.


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