Year: 2016

The 19 “97” Albums of 2016

We're sure everyone can agree that 2016 was not kind to many

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The 19 “97” Singles of 2016

2016 year saw the return of heavy hitting Pop icons, like Britney and Beyoncé, those

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Christmas Sounds Like… These 3 Albums

My Top 3 Christmas Albums... And Why The holidays are a magical

Andrew Martone Andrew Martone

Album Review: The Weeknd is a motherf*ckin’ “Starboy”

After being launched into the Pop and international stratosphere with his last

Mario M. Mario M.

VH1 Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night Destroyed the VH1 Divas brand.

THE 97's Andrew and Vincent were in attendance for the taping of

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Vanessa Williams Still Has “The Right Stuff” At Rahway, NJ Show

The Opportunity I never thought I'd have the chance to see Vanessa

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Alicia Keys’ HERE is a progressive return to form

Alicia Keys: Lost A new Alicia Keys album? My excitement is minimal, since

Andrew Martone Andrew Martone

InFormation: In the Wake of a Terrible Election, Choose Love.

Wednesday was hard. I woke up feeling victimized. I found myself constantly

Jordan Listenbee Jordan Listenbee

Single Review: Fergie Reminds The World That “Life Goes On”

Earlier this week Fergie touted something was in the very near future.

Keenan Keenan

Meet “Joanne:” Lady Gaga’s most honest album to date

"My name is Lady Gaga, tonight if you could just call me

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