Single Review: Britney Spears Makes an Eazy Hit with “Make Me”

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Forget 2015’s “Pretty Girls” ever happened. On paper, a Britney Spears/Iggy Azalea collaboration sounded like pure magic. 2014’s breakout female rapper alongside America’s Sweetheart, what could go wrong? Nearly everything, minus the hilarious watch-worthy music video…

Going back even a bit earlier, things began looking a bit shaky for Britney Spears in the prior years. First, 2013’s Britney Jean album came off rushed and void of classic Spears hits. Secondly, Brintey decided to become a Las Vegas residency act instead of traditional touring. Not a common career move for modern Pop stars in their early 30s.

Britney’s last major impact came in the form of 2011’s Femme Fatale. Light years ago in the Pop music landscape.

Finally our Pop Princess is back to make her rightful comeback, perhaps even with a summer smash. Britney Spears’s worldwide sex appeal oozes all over “Make Me…” while rapper G-Eazy comes in for an added dose of testosterone while paying homage to “the biggest star” and her stint in Vegas.

Spears means business as she coos, “No shame in the game/Just cut the shit, be honest/Yeah, you know what you gotta do tonight” in her most aggressive, yet still flirty tone.

“Make Me…” is enough of a Pop song, while still managing to hold the attention of Hip Hop & R&B lovers too. With G-Eazy’s strategically placed rap verse, perfectly suited for Rhythmic radio spins, Britney easily could have a major crossover hit on her hands.

One thing is for sure. When team Britney gets it right, they hit it right on the mark! Bring on album number nine Miss Spears!


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