Playlist: Celebrate Mariah Carey’s Anniversary with her festive upbeat moments

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Today is Mariah Carey’s birthday, or as she prefers to call it, her “anniversary.” Since we are huge Mariah fans, it’s only natural for us to honor and celebrate her today with a special Anniversary playlist.

The Dance Diva

When people think of Mariah Carey, likely their first thoughts include her voice and her ballads. However, our playlist explores another side of her catalogue: her festive upbeat moments and stone-groove-smash-hit-wonder club mixes. Not enough people are familiar with her club mixes.

However, in the 90’s and into the 2000’s Mariah was one of the few pop divas who took the time to actually work with remix producers. She would re-record her vocals over new house, dance, and hip hop beats to craft a second incarnation (or in some cases, third and fourth) of her biggest hits.

Take songs like “Heartbreaker” and “Fantasy”. Of course we know these originals versions of these classic Mariah Carey songs. But have you ever heard the completely reimagined and rerecorded dance and hip hop remixes? Each song essentially has at least 3 versions.

We’ve included those remixes as well as our favorite up-tempos from her albums. Press play on this festive Mariah anniversary playlist, We hope it makes you feel like you too are a diva as fabulous as the legendary Mariah Carey.

Now, for the deluxe… here is a YouTube playlist of some bonuses that you won’t find on Spotify:

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