Single Review: Trina’s “F**k Boy” affirms that she’s still Da Baddest

Andrew Martone
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There’s something to be said for Trina’s longevity as an artist, and a female rapper. She’s on the Louboutin heels of releasing her 6th album, something that puts her ahead of every single notable woman with bars in music today. Her closest competition in number of albums released is her friend Missy Elliott, who also may finally be on the heels of releasing a new album, tieing her with Trina for most albums released.

Regardless, Trina has remained a mainstay in music since her debut album was released 15 and a half years ago. She has managed to overcome beefs and align herself with every prominent female rapper throughout the years, from Eve, Da Brat, and Missy Elliott to even Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, and Nicki Minaj. Trust, it’s not an easy task to be cool with every one of these women. The only women who don’t like Trina are her geographic peers Khia and Jacki-O (the latter of which probably doesn’t have a problem since she is of the church now).

As Trina prepares her 6th album for release, she takes perhaps the ballsiest and most impressive move she has in years and samples Eazy E on her first/buzz single, “Fuck Boy.” Emulating the attitude that gained her notoriety when her debut single dropped a decade and a half ago, she incorporates her ‘no fucks given’ mantra with contemporary slang and slays her way through the track.

I’m in an unpopular position here, and not trying to start mess. However, I believe that “Fuck Boy” is superior to Missy Elliott’s comeback single “WTF” with Pharrell. That’s no disrespect. I LOVE Missy, and the “WTF” video. But “Fuck Boy” invigorates and inspires. I want to walk outside of my office and scream these lyrics to random men in midtown Manhattan, unapologetically. And that’s something Trina has and will always be good at, lyrically annihilating a no good man, effortlessly. I can’t wait to see what else album #6 brings to the table. Da baddest bitch is in the building, and you best listen da fuck up.


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