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Janet Jackson’s 20 Y.O. – Retrospective Review

“I want to have fun” Janet Jackson says on the introduction to

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A Rose is Still A Rose: Aretha Franklin’s 90’s Classic

In 1998 Aretha Franklin had far from anything to prove, but that

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Mary J. Blige’s “Share My World”: Mary’s Next Step at 20

In 1997, Mary J. Blige was on top of the world professionally.

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Playlist: Aretha Franklin’s Deep Cuts

Aretha Franklin: The Queen Turns 75 In celebration of Aretha Franklin's 75th

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For The Nostalgia: Alicia Keys’ Songs In A Minor

The road to stardom was not immediate, nor was it easy for

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“I’m thinking of”… Mariah Carey’s 13th #1: “My All”

"I'm thinking of you" declares Mariah in the opening line of 1997's

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Elicit 1997 … with the ‘Men In Black’ Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Men in Black is probably not an album that anyone would

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