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15 Reasons Mariah Carey is Pop’s Most Underrated Songwriter

Mariah Carey is pop music's most criminally underrated songwriter. Though she was

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How “No, No, No” introduced us to Destiny’s Child

On November 11, 1997, the world was formally introduced to Destiny's Child.

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With her debut, Kelly Rowland defined herself as ‘Simply Deep’

October 22, 2002. In October 2002, I was twelve years old, eagerly

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Kelly Rowland solidified her sound with ‘Ms. Kelly’

July 3, 2007 Kelly Rowland’s solo career has seen many stages. For

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12 reasons Beyoncé’s ‘LEMONADE’ still slays

April 23, 2016. On this day in 2016, an industry-shaking visual album

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From The Beautiful Ones: A Letter to Prince

Dear Prince, I'm hurting today. This incredibly heavy grief that I'm feeling

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With ‘Heart to Yours’ Michelle Williams began her journey

April 16, 2002. Less than one year after the release of Destiny's

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Celebrating the B’Day Anthology, Beyoncé’s FIRST visual album, at 10

April 3, 2007. Beyoncé released her sophomore album, B'Day, on her birthday

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Strange Relationship: Prince’s Sign o’ the Times

"Isn't it a shame, this ain't a movie?" Though he was already

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