97 Words: “Dance the Night” by Dua Lipa

Vincent Anthony
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This song is part of our “THE SUMMER 97 (1998 x 2023)” playlist. Check out the full list.

We Enter Disco Barbie. After ushering in a disco revival for the pop girlies and “Levitating” the soundtrack to everyone’s pandemic parties in 2020, Lipa has returned to bring some disco to the Barbie film soundtrack. “Dance the Night” sounds like it would’ve been right at home on “Future Nostalgia,” but as the inaugural release off the “Barbie: The Album,” it’s a welcomed kickoff to what’s become the summer’s hottest ticket in film and music. While the song didn’t blaze its way to the top of the charts, it’s certain to heat up any club it encounters this summer.

Watch the “Dance the Night” video, stream it, or buy “Barbie: The Album.”

In celebration of summer, the staff at THE 97 has compiled a playlist containing some of our favorite summer songs, from then and now. Each day we will reveal one song, rotating daily between past and present with pairings from 1998 and 2023, for a total of 97 days/songs. Since we love nostalgia, we’re celebrating summer songs from 1998 as they turn 25, alongside new songs that we feel deserve some shine. Pairings could be thematic, sonic, or based connections between the artists.

Check out our full “THE SUMMER 97 (1998 x 2023)” playlist here.

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