Single Review: “Chained To The Rhythm” | Katy Perry Gets Political, Presents Party Jam

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Give it up for Capitol Records. Once again they pulled off a unique global marketing campaign, this time announcing new Katy Perry music. Mid-week around the world, chained disco balls appeared, granting fans an early access preview to the new Perry single, “Chained To The Rhythm”. If you found one of the chained disco balls, all you had to do was insert your headphones.

Fast forward to today, and the entire world got to hear “Chained To The Rhythm” in full! When you first listen, “Chained To The Rhythm,” is light and airy, your average modern Trop-House/Pop Dance hit. Think “Sorry,” “Cheap Thrills,” the list goes on. Take some more time though, dissect the lyrical content of the Perry/Max Martin/Sia co-penned track and it tells a whole different, deeper story. A hopeful Perry questions, “Are we tone deaf?/Keep sweeping it under the mat/Thought we could do better than that/I hope we can.”

Is she speaking about the current state of the world due to the recent divisive nature? Absolutely! She even brings along Skip Marley for additional wise words and added crossover Reggae flavor.

Perry recently changed her Twitter bio to “Artist. Activist. Conscious.” The woke Katy Perry is officially upon us. We knew she wasn’t afraid to roar, and fight for equality among all, but now she is set to rise and rebel against the rhythm we all shan’t be chained to!

However, be on the look out for a possible future tweet tirade from the new leader of the free world. After all, he seems to be chained to his Twitter. Grab your popcorn as political Perry arrives in full force!


Stream “Chained To The Rhythm” below:

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