Song Review: Kylie Minogue “Dancing”

Andrew Martone
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Kylie Minogue Dances Into A New Genre

Kylie Minogue makes her long-awaited return, a bit early. It’s been 3 years since her last non-holiday album Kiss Me Once, and fans are eagerly awaiting her return. So eager, that it was a feeding frenzy over the weekend when the lead single from her fourteenth album Golden, surfaced online.

“Dancing” takes Kylie into uncharted territory: country music (“Cowboy Style” doesn’t count). From the opening strums of the guitar, it’s apparent that this is a sonic departure. The song still fuses in elements of the ‘Kylie sound’, but it’s also something new and fresh for her. And eerily, at moments her vocal phrasing and tone even evoke a young Dolly Parton. After a few listens, the song really latches on and sticks with you.

The song’s hook “when I go out I wanna go out dancing” sounds like an identifiable phrase for Kylie’s massive gay audience. Yet, lyrics like “let it be a blaze of glory” and “when the final curtain calls” make it clear that this song is about the prospect of dying. Leave it to Kylie to find a way to turn a morbid topic into a positive, upbeat call for dancing.

“Dancing” is out now and Golden drops on April 6. Pre-order here.

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