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Some of you may have heard this song on the radio around the same time a more known hit song called “The Worst” was being spun heavily through the airwaves earlier this year.

It’s a case of two sisters sharing a moment in the spotlight. Yes, Jamila Akiko Chilombo, better known as Mila J, is Jhené Aiko’s older sister and both of them have been on the come up for years, finally finding now their chance to break through in the industry.

“Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” is the introduction to Mila J’s music to many, since her first album Split Personality (2006) failed to make a dent. This time, the 30 years old singer and songwriter (who is also notorious for appearing as a dancer on Prince’s music video for his 1991 hit “Diamonds and Pearls”) came harder. The song is a full 90s immersion, with a guitar-driven beat reminiscent of Timbaland and Missy Elliott’s signature early productions. The lyrics chronicle the destructive habits of a couple gone bad, when everything is alright as long as no one is sober.

Her second single, called “My Main,” (hot beat provided by DJ Mustard) is instead an ode to loyal friendship: the kind of girlfriend who is going to always be there no matter what happens, the so-called “ride or die.” With a cameo from Ty Dolla Sign, Mila J showcases her masterful dancing abilities on the music video which is a nice distraction from the banal and repetitive lyrics.

The rest of the Made In L.A. EP will be released on October 14 through Motown Records. We’re honestly hoping for more 90s throwback moments rather than contemporary club-ready clutter.

Mila J  -Made In La



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