Spotlight: Michael Mott and Loren Allred are a promising pairing to watch

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Last Monday, September 21st, Michael Mott held yet another showcase of his latest Pop and R&B songs at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall. Once again, the composer was accompanied by a versatile band, a trio of talented background singers, and show-stopping group of lead vocalists including Brad Greer, Heather Little, Natalie Weiss and Loren Allred of The Voice fame.

Several months ago, Mott and Allred came into acquaintance and Mott very wisely selected her to sing at one of his showcases back in June. You might remember our Spotlight of the show then. The songstress brought the house down with her performance of Michael Mott original, “So Relentless,” which she performed again last week:

Since then, the pair seem to have built a mutually beneficial working relationship and thus found themselves together once again, on the same exact stage, at last week’s show at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2. When Loren performed “So Relentless” yet again,- however, she improved her rendition vastly in comparison to June’s. The real breakout moment, though, was a performance of a previously unheard Mott original, “Single City.”

A clip from last night. “Single City” written by @michael_mott !

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The impassioned ballad is metaphorical with its double meaning, highlighting New York City as a “single city” that offers one so much opportunity, yet at the same time it’s a very “single city” – home to lots of lonely people; loneliness is a product of it’s vastness. The clever and beautifully written lyric was expertly executed by the immensely talented Loren Allred in its debut performance. It was a perfect pairing of beautiful song, and phenomenal voice. She stole the stage, the night, even, with her flawless performance of the track. A consummate professional, despite the small setting, she made it seem as though you were watching a superstar in a big arena, yet somehow still keeping the intimacy of the venue, and song, intact. Allred evoked the presence of divas like Ms. Carey, know for such thoughtful lyrics like Mott’s, and a voice as captivating and engrossing as Beyoncé’s. Due to a tremendous demand post-show, the pair plans to hit the studio to record the track for release.

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Via one single song, on one single night, in one “Single City,” it seems as though a perfectly promising pairing has been realized in Loren Allred and Michael Mott. Every songwriter needs a muse; a coalescing compliment… and every diva needs a super songwriter who can write songs that will masterfully showcase her superstar voice. Mariah Carey’s career blossomed from such a pairing with her first long-time cowriter Walter Afanasieff, and continued to find such bonds with collaborators like Jermaine Dupri, and James “Big Jim” Wright later in her career. Janet Jackson flourished via her partnership with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, beginning with 1986’s Control, and always remaining loyal to the writing/production duo.

Needless to say, we anxiously await the release of “Single City,” and any future collaborations between the two. It may very well be that Loren Allred found her own Walter Afanasieff in Michael Mott. On the same token, perhaps Mott has finally found his own Mariah.

In the meantime, watch performances by Brad Greer and Natalie Weiss from Mott’s showcase last Monday:

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