Single Review: “This Is How We Do” by Katy Perry

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“Chillin’ laid back, straight stuntin’, yeah we do it like that!”

YAS Katy! Thank you for releasing a perfect, light-hearted summer anthem! Personally, I think “This Is How We Do” is a great choice for the next single off of Katy Perry’s third studio album, PRISM. I was a Katy Perry fan before they were called Katy Cats – before it was cool to be a fan – so I’ll always be partial to her earlier music (especially the unreleased tracks that really showcase her talent), but TIHWD definitely lends itself to its fair share of head nodding with the sunroof open.

I can’t help but point out the similarities between this latest installment and 2011’s summer smash, “Last Friday Night (TGIF).” Anybody else excited for a potential return of Kathy Beth Terry?! I am! Either way, we’ll find out when the video is released this Thursday.



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