Single Review: Michelle Williams inspires with “Believe in Me” video

Vincent Anthony
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Michelle Williams has recorded an array of songs throughout her 15 year career in the music business – whether it be R&B, pop, dance, country, gospel, or in a musical – there is one common thread: she is inspiring and empowering. So, for some, it was surprising to hear Michelle open up about her struggle with depression last year and reveal that she did in fact struggle to find her own confidence and believe in herself. However, this confession only made her fans’ bond with the singer even stronger.

That bond is highlighted in the visual for the song. She solicited fan submissions for the video, and included videos of fans around the world singing along to “Believe In Me” at the end of the song’s video. It’s a touching moment and great to see an artist embrace her fans in such a way.

However, what shines the brightest is the song. It’s inspirational lyrically, with big vocals that you’d expect from a church/theater girl, but musically it sounds like a pop/rock or even country song. In our review of the album, Journey to Freedom, we compared it to Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.”

The song will be sent to Gospel, Christian and Urban AC radio – but, unfortunately, not to Pop. One can only hope that the song can find it’s own way into the hearts of the masses because that’s where it belongs. The message of “Believe in Me” is one that everyone could use to hear. Take a listen as you watch the video below.



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