Single Review: “I Want You to Know” by Zedd, featuring Selena Gomez

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I want you to know if you were expecting another massive Zedd hit in the veins of the pulsating Foxes tune “Clarity,” or even the Haley Williams driven collabo “Stay The Night,” look further. Look much further!

Selena Gomez’s vocals once again provide little to nothing special as she doesn’t connect emotionally on Zedd’s new single “I Want You To Know.” Luckily if there is any saving grace for EDM fans, Zedd manages to create another decent mediocre rave friendly radio single, despite Gomez not providing her best EDM-Rihanna impression.

Though with EDM still popular and Gomez still in the tabloids for her Bieber on-again-off-again drama, this could become a hit. Beware, at this point speculation of Gomez’s new relationship with Zedd may be more exciting than the new single itself!



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