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Playlist: Mama Patti Essentials

Mario | March 15, 2017

One cannot be a fan of R&B music and not be familiar with Patti LaBelle. Her iconic voice, her songs and her legendary live performances have defined the history of this genre. It’s simply not acceptable to be unaware of Queen Patti’s material.

Miss Patti started her career in the 60s as a member of the girl group Labelle. By the late 70s, she pursued her solo career, finding success while tackling Gospel, Disco, Pop, New Jack Swing and Funk on her records. In celebration of her announcement of a new album release, we are going to give you exactly what you need.

Below is a selection of “Mama Patti Essentials:” some of her most famous numbers, but also some tracks that aren’t necessarily well known and will still leave you looking for your wig. So get yourself a slice of your favorite Patti pie, sit back and enjoy!

Miss Patti’s new album, Bel Hommage, will be released on May 5.

Written by Mario


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