For the Nostalgia: “Nobody” by Keith Sweat

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If you were a fan of R&B music in the 1990s, then this is a song you’ve definitely heard!  During the instrumental intro before the vocalists begin to sing, you may even already know the lyrics even if you can’t recall both of the artists’ names.  Released in the fall of 1996, “Nobody” by Keith Sweat and Athena Cage is certainly one of the most recognizable R&B duets from the entire decade.

In December 1996, the song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed in the Top 10 well into 1997, becoming one of Sweat’s biggest singles to date following the massive success of his last single. That single, “Twisted,” featured Kut Klose, an R&B trio discovered by Sweat and fronted by Cage.  “Nobody” featured Cage, elevating her from being the lead vocalist of a girl group, to the co-lead/featured vocalist on one of Sweat’s biggest hits.

Although it is a sexually suggestive song lyrically, it was written well enough for Sweat & Cage to still interpret with class and dignity, which was clearly a key factor in the song’s overall success and radio airplay.  Surprisingly, after this hit song, Cage didn’t launch a massive solo R&B career. Luckily, this song remains as much a classic now, in 2015, as it was back in the 90s.

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