Review: Ever “Fearless,” Michelle Williams shines with new single

Vincent Anthony
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Michelle Williams had quite the year, and as it comes to a close she is letting fans know that her creative juices are flowing once more.

With her unscripted television series Chad Loves Michelle on the OWN Network, a starring role in Broadway’s Once on This Island, and new single “Fearless,” Michelle Williams is definitely making moves.

“Fearless” New Single

Released Friday, December 7th, “Fearless” is an amalgamation of all the elements that make Michelle so beloved by her fans. Its empowering lyrics recall her Destiny’s Child days. Its inspirational theme takes on the essence of her three gospel albums, most closely resembling 2014’s Journey to FreedomAt the same time, its anthemic Pop production takes us back to her 2008 pop release Unexpected. Her trademark soulful, soaring vocals that have filled Broadway theaters and arenas for over 15 years elevate the song in a way that only Michelle Williams can. Most of all, the song just has a heart that grabs its listener because for so many years, Michelle has worn hers on her sleeve.

Truly, Michelle Williams has been a beacon of light in all that she does. No doubt, the touching lyrics of “Fearless” are a reflection of her ongoing battle with depression. True to form, she continues to message a sentiment of hope, encouraging fans to strive through life’s challenges. Whether it’s in her music, interviews, or public speaking engagements she continues to advocate for mental health awareness.

Mental Health Advocate

It is for that reason that she brought her story to her unscripted series, Chad Loves Michelle, on OWN. In the series (which airs Saturday nights at 9pm or can be streamed on OWN’s website or app) Michelle Williams openly, fearlessly, speaks about her struggles with depression and how it affects her relationship. Not ashamed to show her therapy sessions or speak her truth, Michelle lets viewers know that they are not alone. 

Broadway Star

In the face of it all, Michelle Williams wakes up every day and storms on the Broadway stage to give her all playing Erzulie in Once on This Island. This Tony Award winning “Best Musical Revival” is a beautiful, honest reflection of life in the Caribbean. With a touch of magic and staging like no other, the show is truly unique and perfect for Michelle. 

Michelle Williams as Erzulie in Once on This Island

Stepping into the role with as much grace and poise as ever, Michelle Williams makes an excellent Erzulie. The Goddess of Love is the perfect role for Michelle, because she is indeed so full of love and light. Dressed in all white with a crown atop her head, Erzulie guides and protects protagonist Ti Moune despite the Demon of Death Papa Ge’s looming danger. For herself and admirers, Michelle embodies this role every day whether she knows it or not. By always choosing to shine her light rather than wallow in darkness, Michelle Williams lifts up not only herself, but all those who watch her journey to freedom with admiration and appreciation.

“Fearless,” indeed, Michelle Williams as herself and as Once on This Island’s Erzulie is an inspiration for all to follow the light in the face of darkness. For that, she will always be an invaluable star in our eyes.
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