Destiny Fulfilled – The Complete Story

Vincent Anthony
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A woman is having a night out at the club with her two best friends, and as usual, is forced to deal with the unsolicited advances from less-than-worthy men. She grows tired of the men who simply can’t keep up, and ultimately dismisses every potential dance partner (“Lose My Breath“).  However, she doesn’t let that kill her night. She presses on, having fun despite, as the next song plays. She dances with friends, doing an old school “2 Step,” which of course brings more attention to her.

Another man makes his bow for her affections, and, this time he seems to be worth her time. So, she decides to leave the dance floor to get to know him better. However, quickly she realizes that he seems to be all talk, bragging to her about his money and material possessions. She dismisses him, saying “don’t talk about it baby, be about it, what you say you’ve got, I’ve already got it.” (“Got’s My Own“). She wonders why these men can’t understand that she needs more than that.

What she needs, she says, is a “rude boy that’s good to me with street credibility,” as she returns to her friends. They agree and continue the night, eyes open for a worthy “Soldier.” Eventually, she finds him. However, her girls aren’t convinced he’s the best choice due to his questionable past. Regardless, she defends her man, who makes her feel so special (“My Man“).

Months go by and things become a bit more serious. She has fallen deeply in love with her newfound soldier, and even caters to him sometimes (“Cater 2 U“). She writes him a heartfelt letter of dedication while he’s away. Busy with his career, he is not around often, which creates an intense longing within her. When he’s not home, she even sleeps in hisT-Shirt,” and fantasizes about being intimate with him.

As time passes by, she begins to feel uneasy and insecure in their relationship. She’s expressed her commitment and dedication to him, but they’ve not yet exchanged the oh so important “I love you” – she feels it, but is growing unsure of whether or not its mutual.  So she asks him, “do you Feel the Same Way I Do?” and admits her love for him. He has no response.

She grows suspicious as he becomes elusive and she notices frequent communications between him and a female “friend.” Then, one day, they are out and about and run into her. He acts as though he is just friends with both of them, not wanting to acknowledge an intimate relationship with either. She becomes angered and asks, Why You Actin’ like you don’t know who I am?” and goes on a tirade to prove to the other woman that he is her man.

However, she realizes that her man is not innocent and questions him, asking, “Is She The Reason?” for the change in his behavior. She reevaluates their relationship but needs him to admit it before she can really let go.

Of course, her girls notice a change in their friend. They invite her out to lunch and ask about what’s going on in her relationship because they’re concerned, seeing the pain in her face, they tell her, Girl, I can tell he’s been lying, pretending that he’s faithful and he loves you.” Still in denial, she defends her man, but her girls try to make her come to her senses.

And, she does. She comes to terms with her “Bad Habit” and has the realization that she must break the cycle; she must break this habit and let him go. If you search you will never find another love like my love,” she tells him, amidst her sassy kiss off, “You’re gonna miss me, I ain’t got time while you sit around and play with my love.”  

After she’s finally left him, she revels in her new found feeling, because there “ain’t no feeling like being Free.” However, even still, heartbreak is a painful process. Even with the most positive outlook, momentary bouts of pain and depression can take over. She deals with the side effects of the break up and proclaims she is “Through With Love” until after much prayer, she finds God’s love.

Realizing she’s been “looking for love in all the wrong places,” she finds solace in God and learns “The Way of Love.” However, her faith isn’t her only support system: she also has her best friends. They come to her side, offering words of encouragement once more and let her know that she’s not alone. I Know what you’re going through, don’t let it get the best of you, everybody goes through things, don’t worry it’ll be okay,” they tell her.

Single once more, they decide it’s time to head out together again as a trio, because the love and support within their sisterhood is unparalled (“Let’s Do Us“).  In the end, they all find true “Love”: for themselves, each other, God, and even a man.  Finally, for anybody asking, it’s “Game Over.”

Full playlist below.

  1. Lose My Breath
  2. 2 Step
  3. Got’s My Own
  4. Soldier
  5. My Man (Beyoncé solo)
  6. Cater 2 U
  7. T-Shirt
  8. Feel the Same Way I Do
  9. Why You Actin’
  10. Is She the Reason
  11. Girl
  12. Bad Habit (Kelly solo)
  13. If
  14. Free
  15. Through With Love
  16. The Way of Love (Michelle solo)
  17. I Know
  18. Let’s Do Us
  19. Love
  20. Game Over
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