Danity Kane is… damaged.

Vincent Anthony
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Last night rumors swirled about a brawl between Danity Kane members Aubrey and Dawn involving a police report and some sort of violence.  Today, in an open letter to their fans, Aubrey and Shannon took to Facebook to clear the air and explain what really went down… according to them.

You can head over to their Facebook or official website to read it in full, but essentially, Aubrey and Shannon feel that Dawn hasn’t been giving 100% to the group and has been bringing them trouble since the reunion.  Aubrey explains that during a meeting in the studio, Dawn attacked her, unprovoked, and punched her in the back of the head.  Shannon corroborates this claim, stating that there was no cat fight or any prior build up to the alleged attack.

Dawn has apparently spoken to TMZ and tweeted that Aubrey and Shannon were working behind her back, recording songs and having business meetings perhaps to move on without her.  Dawn says that she walked in on one of these private, secret sessions without her and this is when the altercation occurred.

In short, the dramatic details are not important, what is important is that the group is officially disbanded after a short lived reunion.  They were on the heels of releasing their comeback album, which they say has been completed.  No word on whether or not the music will be released and promoted at this point in time.

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