12 Songs by Kelly Rowland to Set the Mood

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So far, our Quarantunes playlists have been filled with songs with messages of strength, hope, faith and positivity. Completely wholesome stuff to lift spirits and inspire in these dark times, you know. However, with our latest installment I decided to take a different angle. With Kelly Rowland as its star, it’s time for a little Quarantine After Dark moment. In light of her #CoffeeWithKelly After Dark on Instagram Live and the release of her sexy new single, “Coffee,” it only felt right. These twelve songs are sexy, sensual and romantic — perfect if you’re quarantined with your other half (whether it’s a real person or handheld, we won’t judge). Let Kelly Rowland set the mood.

1. “Coffee”

Kelly Rowland made quarantine way sexier with the release of the gorgeous visual for her sexy and sassy new bop, “Coffee.” Kelendria delivers her best lead single since 2011’s “Motivation” and arguably her best visual ever. In front of the camera, Kelly reminds us that shy is something she is not. Heavy on the word play and innuendo and light on fucks to give, “Coffee” is an uncensored ode to morning sex. What better way to kick off a sensual quarantine playlist?

“I know we just woke up
I know you gotta go but-
Breakfast isn’t over
I see the way rose up, ha
They say morning wood do a body good, babe
Clearly you agreed, don’t be tryna leave
Stay here with me”

2. “Put Your Name on It”

An underrated gem from Ms. Rowland, “Put Your Name On It” drips sensuality and evokes the heat that all good R&B does. On this bedroom bop, Kelly delivers an evocative and phenomenal vocal performance to match the intensity of her words.

“Come put your name on it
Yes it got your name on it
Any time, any place
You just gotta say you want it
Come put your name on it”

3. “See Me”

This playful slow jam certainly sets the mood. On “See Me,” Kelly teasingly sings, “or if you like, we can keep the lights on… I want you to see me.” We can only hear her in this case, but the “Coffee” video certainly served as a reminder that her beauty is a sight not to be missed.

“Feels so good when you leave it all over me
Love it all over me
You know how to come for me
Baby, don’t fail me now
Keep the same energy
I know you gon’ like it when you see me with the lights on”

4. “Red Wine”

Titled not because it is a lyric in the song, but because it was flowing during the writing sessions, “Red Wine” is a fan-favorite, and rightfully so. This lush groove embodies its title because of the effect it has on its listener. “Red Wine” is the perfect song to play while you kick back and cuddle up, and is sure to warm you up.

“What you know about lovin’ me ’til the sun comes up
Then the sun goes down
Can you give me that kinda love that won’t give up?
Never let me down”

5. “Every Thought is You”

An infectious mid tempo from her sophomore set, “Every Thought of You” is a slinky jam that is more romantic than anything. About the start of a relationship and budding romance, “Every Thought is You” is the perfect love note.

“Because of you, I’ll never feel alone
Because of you my house is now a home again
You’re my inner peace, fill my mind with ease
You’re everything I want my man to be”

6. “Obsession”

Continuing the theme of infatuation, “Obsession” is a slow jam from Kelly’s debut solo album, co-penned by a young Solange Knowles. Sensual and romantic, “Obsession” is an addictive anthem for the insatiable.

“Your sensual touch
It’s all too much
Unbearing love
My obsession”

7. “Keep It Between Us”

Its video evokes better times when we could travel and explore new settings with our partners on romantic getaways, but “Keep It Between Us” is perfect for quiet moments at home, too.

“Can’t see myself with no one else
No never, no never
I can make it through the worst with you”

8. “Heaven”

This divinely sensual ballad certainly lives up to its title. “Heaven” can be described simply. It is a song about falling in love, the realization that in their arms, you’ve found heaven. It’s a perfect cuddle tune.

“Love, when I’m in your arms
Feels like I’m melting into you
You keep me so warm”

9. “The Show,” duet with Tank

Kelly and Tank trade verses as they sing about trading positions on this steamy duet between two of R&B’s sexiest sangers. It may all be a fantasy, but there’s something for everyone on “The Show.”

“I’m thinking about getting you tickets
Front row and center so you can see the show
I’m thinking about getting you backstage passes
All access granted because I know you wanna know”

10. “Each Other”

On this no strings attached recounting of a rendezvous, Kelly details an encounter with destiny. “Each Other” is a sensual bop that exudes lust, with an unabated urge for more.

“Because the two of us
We’re meant to love
Love each other
And I know the two of us
We’re meant to touch
Touch each other”

11. “Kisses Down Low”

On the lead single from 2013’s Talk a Good Game, Kelly told the world where she likes her kisses. This hard hitting anthem celebrates pleasure, and, well, we’ve all got a little more time for that these days. As Kelly advises, “put in overtime, overnight.”

“You put in overtime, overnight
Doing everything I like, go so right, yeah
You hold me close, please me tight, look me deep inside my eyes
Baby, you know I love it
But nothing can compare to when you kiss me there
And I can’t lie when I lie in your arms
Baby, I feel so sexy”

12. “Motivation”

“Motivation” marked the start of Kelly’s sexual awakening, and cemented her status as an R&B heavyweight in her own right. With “Motivation” she delivered the perfect combination of infectious R&B melodies, hard-hitting hip-hop attitude, and not-so-subtle sensual songwriting. It’s no wonder the song  It’s only right to close this list with a song that encourages its listener to “go longer, you can last more rounds,” as Kelly begs to be your “Motivation.” So, go forth and let Kelly’s music play in the background.

“You can’t stop there, music still playin’ in the background
And you’re almost there
You can do it, I believe in you, baby
So close from here
Baby, I’mma be your motivation”

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