12 Songs by Janet Jackson to Heal Your Heart

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Continuing our pandemic playlist series, today we bring you “12 Songs by Janet Jackson to Heal Your Heart.” Janet’s discography is both upbeat and thought-provokin. She fearlessly delves into life’s deepest feelings, whether happy, sad, or in between. With this 12 song, 54-minute Janet Jackson playlist, go on an emotional journey that will leave you feeling energized, hopeful and inspired. I hope you enjoy…

12 Songs to Heal Your Heart by Janet Jackson Playlist

1. “Better Days”

From Janet’s 2001, post-divorce album All For You, “Better Days” starts off melancholic, but transforms into a bubbly and optimistic bop. Singing of mental health challenges that surely many people are similarly experience during these uncertain times, here, Janet encourages herself and her listeners to believe that better days are ahead.

“I’m ’bout to change my vibe
Today the sun’s gonna shine
‘Cause I made up my mind
That today will be the start of better days”

2. “R&B Junkie”

What better way to kick off a positive vibe than with some good ole throwback R&B jams? Across social media, superstars and regular fans alike have been sharing their favorite throwback R&B cuts, so this jam is fitting for those #quarantunes house parties (you know, with, only the people you live with!) – set it off right with Janet, be your own DJ, and dance with your quarantine buddies.

“I feel like bumpin’ to some old school
I feel like dancin’ all night with you”

3. “The Best Things in Life Are Free,” with Luther Vandross

This quintessential 90s R&B classic not only features the legendary Luther Vandross singing alongside Janet, but also Bell Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant. It’s a total New Jack Swing moment, and its message of appreciating the love that we are fortunate to have in our lives, is fitting during these trying times.

“Now that I’ve discovered
What you mean to me
The best things in life are free
Now that we’ve got each other
The best things in life are free”

4. “Miss You Much”

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be quarantined with their loved ones, though. Janet has an anthem for those folks, too, with this funky groove. “Miss You Much” is a song to dedicate to someone special who you can’t spend these quarantined times with.

“I’ll tell your mama
I’ll tell your friends
I’ll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend
Send it in a letter baby
Tell you on the phone
I’m not the kinda girl
Who likes to be alone
I miss ya much
I really miss you much”

5. “When I Think of You”

Continuing with that idea, on “When I Think of You” Janet suggests a way for us to calm the craziness in the world: thing of the love you share with someone special, and let that be an escapism for you. Or, just, dance this iconic 80s bop.

“Ooh, baby
Anytime my world gets crazy
All I have to do to calm it
Is just think of you
It’s when I think of you, baby
Nothing else seems to matter
It’s when I think of you, baby
All I think about is our love”

6. “Because of Love”

For those of us who are lucky enough to be quarantined with loved ones, then “Because of You” is an anthem of gratitude for the ones we love who are helping us through these tough times. Just keep singing along with Janet!

“There’s only you on my mind
And I never wanna leave your side
It feels right, so let’s stay together
Never feel alone again, boy
‘Cause your love makes me feel so secure
You got me singin’…”

7. “Spending Time With You”

On this sultry and smooth tropical mid-tempo, Janet once again appreciates the simple things and actually relishes in the pleasures of spending time at home. For those of us longing for a getaway, she opens the track with a lush imagined island vacation. Let this breezy bop soothe your spirit.

“It’s always fun to chill at home
Monday through Friday
Sexy Saturday, easy Sunday
‘Cause every day’s a special one, just like a holiday
Vacation getaway after the foreplay
Go room to room making sweet love”

8. “Together Again”

Whether you’ve lost someone during these tragic times, or simply long to see your family who are far away, “Together Again” is a celebration of life and love that is sure to uplift. This upbeat track has been an anthem in times of loss for over two decades, and it remains relevant today.

“Dream about us together again
What I want: us together again, baby
I know we’ll be together again, ’cause
Everywhere I go, every smile I see
I know you are there smilin’ back at me
Dancin’ in moonlight, I know you are free
‘Cause I can see your star shinin’ down on me”

9. “Unbreakable”

No matter who it may be with, we all have unbreakable bonds with our loved ones. These bonds provide us with strength through the darkest of times. Here, Janet sings directly to her fans, friends, and family with whom a connection has been forged that allows her to stand tall through it all.

“And what I share with you
Ever sacred, everlasting
The greatest love for me
I love you
And it’s pure
And it will endure
The world can’t break down
The connection
Cause our love is divine
And it’s unbreakable

10. “Enjoy”

With so much uncertainty, this simple yet joyous ode to life is a great way to revel in gratitude the simple pleasure of waking up each day. Janet urges us once again to enjoy the simple things in life, and to be grateful for it all. “Enjoy” is sure lift your spirit.

“So just enjoy the simple things,
Enjoy the day life brings
Enjoy the song love sings, enjoy
Just keep on doing it ’til your heart’s content
And enjoy the gift of life, enjoy”

11. “Gon’ B Alright”

The energetic and soulful album closer from 2015’s Unbreakable delivers a message of strength and hope. With a promise that “we gon’ be alright,” Janet offers another important reminder: “if you love somebody, you better tell ’em now.” She recommends a “love intervention” to make it through.

“We all need a little love
When we get down in the dumps
Because we
We gon’ be alright
‘Cause a love intervention
Gonna help us make it through
Ya know we
We gon’ be alright”

12. “Rhythm Nation”

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of Janet’s signature classics, “Rhythm Nation.” An anthem of unity, “strength in numbers,” and the power of music, “Rhythm Nation” reminds us that although we may be miles apart, we still must “work together to improve our way of life.” Joining voices in song, despite the distance, is certainly one way to do it. In the case of this playlists, Janet’s songs.

“This is the test, no struggle, no progress
Lend a hand to help your brother do his best
Things are getting worse, we have to make them better
It’s time to give a damn, let’s work together
Come on now”

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