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The 19 “97” Albums of 2017

Staff | December 31, 2017

Whether your thing is Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, or something else, the music world delivered several albums that we found to be worthy of being called the top albums of 2017, or as we like to call them, “97s.” We saw the long-awaited return of several of our favorites, and debut […]


The 19 “97” Singles of 2017

Staff | December 30, 2017

Whether it be one of many iconic remixes, a scathing diss track, a bonafide money making anthem, or a one off song… our list this year feels rather random, but full of bops all the same. Scroll down to delve into our favorite singles of 2017. At EST. 1997, we […]


Songs About Divorce, Week 2

Vincent Anthony | September 3, 2014

Last week, I listed four songs that looked at divorce from four very different perspectives. To recap, there was Christina Aguilera’s “I’m OK” in which she reflected on memories of her abusive father, as well as Jason Mraz sharing his own recollections of his parents’ divorce on “Love For a […]


Journey to Freedom, Week 2: Honesty

Vincent Anthony | August 21, 2014

Week two’s word in Michelle William’s Journey to Freedom journal contest is “honesty.”  Once again, when prompted with the word “honesty” the first thought that came to my head was again in the form of lyrics: “honesty, is such a lonely word, every one is so untrue, honesty is hardly […]


Journey to Freedom, Week 1: Freedom

Vincent Anthony | August 15, 2014

In preparation of the release of her fourth solo album, Journey to Freedom, Michelle Williams is hosting a contest via her official website in which fans must write journal entries about their own personal journey to freedom.  The prize is an all expense paid trip to spend the day with […]

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