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Jill Scott


Journey to Freedom, Week 4: Happiness

Vincent Anthony | September 10, 2014

Last week’s word in Michelle Williams’ Journey to Freedom journal contest was “happiness.”  For our playlist, I’ve selected five songs that always put me in a good mood as soon as I turn them on.  They are among my go-to “get happy” songs.  Unlike previous weeks, I won’t analyze each song individually because in […]


Journey to Freedom, Week 3: Love

Vincent Anthony | August 28, 2014

For this week’s Journey to Freedom challenge, Michelle Williams challenges us to “celebrate a mindful moment of self-love.”  Self-love, Michelle says, is an essential precursor to being able to obtain romantic love.  After all, if you don’t love yourself… how can you expect someone else to love you?  This is […]


Journey to Freedom, Week 1: Freedom

Vincent Anthony | August 15, 2014

In preparation of the release of her fourth solo album, Journey to Freedom, Michelle Williams is hosting a contest via her official website in which fans must write journal entries about their own personal journey to freedom.  The prize is an all expense paid trip to spend the day with […]

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