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97 Words: “Can I Get A…” by JAY-Z, Amil & Ja Rule

This song is part of our “THE SUMMER 97 (1998 x 2023)”

Vincent Anthony Vincent Anthony

‘Ashanti’ 15 Years Later: The Princess of Murder Inc. Reigns

Rewind back to 2001. Hip Hop and R&B collaborations were at an all

Keenan Keenan

Celebrating Glitter, Mariah Carey’s Most Underrated Album

Grouping the terms “Mariah Carey” and “Glitter” together typically results in conversations

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15 Years Later, Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama Still Reigns

Mary J. Blige's Declaration In 2001, Mary J. Blige was publicly riding

Andrew Martone Andrew Martone