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The 19 “97” Albums of 2018

Staff | December 31, 2018

Deliberated on by our team of writers, we’ve ranked the top albums of 2018 that we loved. If you’re familiar with the way we review songs/albums, then you know that “97” is our top score. We love every album on this list, ranked them according to how much, and weighed in with a few […]

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The 19 “97” Albums of 2015!

Staff | December 31, 2015

In 2015, we saw the return of Adele, and Janet Jackson; two of music’s most absent divas. Following in the footsteps of the now beloved Sam Smith, we also saw gay singer-songwriters like Troye Sivan and Steve Grand become more accepted among pop music fans. Pop stars like Justin Bieber, […]

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The 19 “97” Albums of 2014!

Vincent Anthony | January 6, 2015

If anything should be noted about the albums released in 2014, it’s the fact that they seemed to matter way more this year in comparison to recent years. While commercially that may not be the case with sales going down overall, artistically, the album had a bit of a rebirth in […]

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