THE 97 ZINE 2024 Subscription


Quick Facts

  • All 3 issues of THE 97 ZINE
  • Professionally printed magazine
  • Exclusive cover art design
  • 12-inch, full-color booklet
  • Penned by talented music writers and journalists
  • Podcast early access
  • Digital editions
  • Free shipping (to U.S.)

More Details

Issue 1 of THE 97 ZINE stars Mariah Carey and the Lambily, in celebration of her 14th studio album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse. Each zine will feature essays by talented writers who are passionate, but honest, about the artists and albums celebrated in each issue. By purchasing our zine, you are supporting our mission to memorialize the music we love and continue to connect with fans around the world through the written (and spoken) word. For more information on Volume 1, click here. 

There will be two more installments of the Zine in 2024! Subscribe now to receive all three at a discount of $5 off, plus free shipping (in the U.S.) and digital editions! You’ll receive Issue 1 upon release in May, and the subsequent volumes when they are released later this year.

  • Issue 1: Mariah Carey’s Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (May 2024)
  • Issue 2: Janet Jackson’s Damita Jo (August 2024)
  • Issue 3: Destiny’s Child’s Destiny Fulfilled (November 2024)


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