Year: 2022

Janet Jackson: The Deep Cuts Playlist

In celebration of 40 years of Janet Jackson as a recording artist,

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Janet Jackson: Unbreakable, Now and Forever

Death of a King On June 25, 2009, news broke of Michael

John Antonucci John Antonucci

Janet Jackson: The Naked Truth

Janet Jackson's career had been the golden standard up until one very

John Antonucci John Antonucci

Review: On ‘Dawn FM,’ The Weeknd Shines

It is still the dawn of 2022, but we already have the

Mario M. Mario M.

Janet Jackson: Pop Music’s Leading Lady

After taking control of her life, her music and her career, Janet

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Remembering Aaliyah: A Young Woman Asserting Her Identity

In just seven brief years, Aaliyah rose from a young ingenue to

Alan S. Alan S.

Review: Magic by Nas

Since 2020, Nas has forged a winning partnership with producer Hit-Boy, and

Andrew Martone Andrew Martone

Janet Jackson: Demanding Control, Demanding Change

After a series of television stints, Janet Jackson made her move to

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Janet Jackson: From Baby Sister to Woman in Control

The Jacksons’ Baby Sister “This is a story about control, my control.

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