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When the horns of “Crazy In Love” dropped for the first time, it was most definitely a pivotal moment in music: Beyoncé had ARRIVED. The hard beat, the union between soul and modern with the sample, the infectious hook and Jay’s rap verse, were the recipe for a smash hit. The most acclaimed single of 2003, today “Crazy In Love” is still lauded as one of the most recognizable R&B/Pop numbers of that decade and of Beyoncé’s’s career.

With 2006’s B’Day, Beyoncé began to cement her status as a force to be reckoned with – both creatively and commercially. With B’Day, Beyoncé changed as an artist – commercially and artistically. Gone were the days where Beyoncé really gave a damn about having a hit single – though, she still did.

Beyoncé released her long awaited fourth album on June 24, 2011 – the anniversary of the release her debut solo album, Dangerously in Love. In many ways, 4 was like a rebirth for Beyoncé – creatively, personally and professionally. She had parted ways with her father as a manager, she had spent the last three years as a wife and was, at the time of release, pregnant, and she had made the decision (after winning 16 Grammy’s) that she would do whatever made her happy.

In 2013, Beyoncé changed the game forever with the surprise drop of her self-titled visual album. BEYONCÉ is unforgettable, lyrically, sonically and visually. It was more than just a cultural phenomenon. It’s actually a phenomenal album as well. The album represents the growth of Beyoncé as an artist, showing that she is able to challenge herself with each release and improve her work.

Meanwhile, 2016’s LEMONADE was a seeming unveiling of her private life, thwarted by the fact that she refuses to comment on it. Beyoncé’s control over her personal narrative is of equal parallel to her control of the music industry. Beyoncé holds the reigns, and the world is just waiting on her to quench our thirst with her next proper album, lovingly referred to as #B7 by the Beyhive. Her joint album with husband Jay-Z, Homecoming, and The Gift are surely just teases ahead of yet another game changer.