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Single Review: “Another Night” Transforms With Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra & Anastacia

Andrew | October 8, 2018
alex christensen anastacia another night

Up until about a week ago, Alex Christensen and The Berlin Orchestra were names I did not know. Now, they’ve been on repeat for the better part of the weekend. They’re currently working on their second series of recordings that put an orchestral spin on 90’s dance classics. Their latest single, off their upcoming album Classical 90’s Dance 2, transforms Real McCoy’s “Another Night” with the help of Anastacia.

alex christensen & the berlin orchestra

Another Night, Another Dream

Musically “Another Night” is a satisfying cover, and that’s before even considering Anastacia’s vocals. For comparison, the original “Another Night” is a quintessential dance track. It’s synthesizer and drum track driven, punctuated by punchy piano and a few organ chords to complete the vibe. Vocally, it’s diverse, with the female voices driving the melody on the chorus, while the male voice delivers gruff spoken-rapped verses. However, Alex Christensen and The Berlin Orchestra completely transform “Another Night”. The orchestral strings make the song bigger and fuller, unlike the narrow components of the original. The strings create a lush yet complimentary textural juxtaposition to the one remaining element from the original: the drum track.

Anastacia only adds to the transformation of “Another Night”. She effortlessly lifts this cover to dizzying heights and brings the recording to life with her rich, layered vocals and powerful voice. The way she wraps her voice around the melody and phrasing are overwhelmingly satisfying and highlight the elements that made this catchy track a hit in the first place. Even hearing her stamp a melody on the previously sing-rapped verses unite these two distinct parts into one. Hearing Anastacia lend her voice to “Another Night” makes a compelling case for Anastacia to do a straight up dance album.

The One That Got Away

Sidebar: Anastacia was done wrong by the United States, but that hasn’t slowed her down. For those unaware, her successes across the pond made her a household name in Europe, with the hits to back it up (check out “I’m Outta Love“, “One Day In Your Life” and “Left Outside Alone“). Anastacia’s deep, full, and multifaceted voice, allows her to master genres ranging from funk to soul to pop to rock to dance.

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Written by Andrew


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